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YAMA – your best choice for peaceful experience


When we asked ourselves what caught us so much in this place, we realized that this is a special and unique place you won't find every day. Among the reasons were - 

  • A direct flight to Preveza (Actium Airport) saves your time - from the moment you leave the airport, less than an hour and you are in YAMA.

  • The breathtaking views of the Elati mountain ranges.

  • Riding in the western area and visiting beaches that are considered the most beautiful and special in Europe.

  • Fine Greek food in lovely taverns, and of course we will not give up the music and a glass of fine ouzo.

  • Accommodation in an authentic country house while maintaining privacy.

  • A big yard around the house provides a safe vacation for children.

YAMA is located in Athani village, that offers plenty of modern amenities like mini-markets, local services, cafes and restaurants. However, it is still one of the finest examples of traditional architecture and a quiet atmosphere.

Athani is close to some of the most famous beaches of Greece like the Porto Katsiki and Egremni

Located on the slopes of Mount Elati, Athani provides thrilling sunsets you will never forget.  

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Lefkatas restaurant


A fantastic restaurant located in walking distance from YAMA, Lefkatas is one of our favorite places.

It’s location on the main road, with balcony to the beautiful sunsets together with its fine cuisine makes it the best choice for our guests.  

With an emphasis on Lefkadian cuisine and raw materials from their vegetable garden, you can taste cooked, homemade food. Pies, lentils, marinade anchovies, Lebanese oregano, seafood pasta, charcoal sardines, fresh vegetables and meat and seafood varieties from 12:00 to 23:00.


Rachi Restaurant

One Evening we found ourselves traveling from YAMA up the mountain, following a tip we got about a unique restaurant. Indeed we found a place with a dreamy sunset view! You can choose from an excellent Greek menu at a reasonable price or just drink coffee or a glass of wine. Our recommendation - the best time to arrive is afternoon just before sunset. Important tip: take something warm with you, it can be chilly in the evening. We advise to book a table in advance, on busy days there might be a queue. 


“Rachi” Restaurant 

Church of Elijah the Prophet

(Profits Ilias church)

An interesting point we recommend is the Church of the Profits Elias, also known as the Church of Elijah the Prophet or the White Church. It was built on top of the mountain at a height of more than 1000 meters. A narrow and steep road leads to the church and is crossable by any vehicle (although caution and attention is required). The church offers a breathtaking panoramic view of green valleys, hidden villages and the blue sea. Far to the north and west, on the surface of the water, is the Greek continent.

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