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YAMA Cycling

Lefkada is a magical place for cycling.
Starting from YAMA, you can easily travel around the island along its length and width. Since we discover Lefkada, we never stopped touring the island on our bikes.​​​

Lefkada is a rocky and beautiful island, with the central Elati mountain range rising to its highest point of the mountain (1167 m). Valleys and winding ridges descend towards the shores and the crossing roads, with a scenery for a great week of cycling. 

The island of Lefkada is full of green colors with high mountains, scenic villages and magical pathways. 

We offers guided biking trips on the island roads, as well as mountain bike trips! 

From calm rides through olive groves and villages, visiting waterfalls and churches, to extreme rides up the highest peaks on awesome single tracks!

Our team themselves have been cyclists since the early '90. After traveling all over the world with our bicycles, we know exactly how to make your ride as perfect as possible. You can bring your own bicycle with you, or rent at one of the local agencies, and we will take care of all the rest.

Your bicycle adventure begins here

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